snowpeak badminton shuttlecocks SP808

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Most people would think that badminton is nothing more than duck feathers and a cork. But in order to meet the international quality standards of badminton, every manufacturing process is extremely demanding. Workers first align the feathers in the same order, then place each feather into the sensitive filter, which measures the combined data of each feather and sorts it according to different specifications, lengths and sizes. If there are feathers that cannot be measured by the filter, this part will be manually screened by a worker using a ruler. After selecting the shuttles, another worker assembles them. The puncher makes 16 evenly spaced holes in the synthetic cork. The worker then places the feathers on the robotic arm, which inserts the feathers into the holes at a constant speed. The sequence of each feather should not be wrong, otherwise it will affect the flight speed of the badminton in the strike. Then the worker will teach the position of the feather, and put it into the wind engine, check whether its balance is up to the standard, once a feather error, will affect the balance. Here is a semiautomatic adhesive machine, workers in charge of the badminton placed in the top of the machine, followed by the end of the probe, badminton internal coated with glue, and then by a professional sewing division will be 16 feathers stitched together, each feather has two rows of white line alternately weave together, this approach greatly increased the badminton durable strength. The end was marked by hand and the extra thread was cut off. The shuttlecock is then handed over to a calibrator who performs a final calibration check to ensure that each shuttlecock is of the right balance and quality. Qualified shuttles are coated with glue on two white threads to increase their service life. The final product is hand-pasted to represent the speed of communication, green represents the slow speed, blue represents the processed badminton. There are also final quality tests to be completed, with the shuttlecock fired from a mechanical racquet to weed out substandard parts. The shuttlecocks that finally passed the test were packed in packs of 12.

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