Handmade Cut-Out Collage of Badminton Shuttlecock - Original Artwork

2023-04-01 04:26:35 By : Ms. Mandy Huang
Looking for a unique art piece? ROSI FEIST has created a one-of-a-kind handmade cut out collage that captures the essence of badminton shuttlecock. This original artwork is crafted from colored paper and glue, and measures 21 x 29.7 cm. Each piece is signed by the artist and comes unframed.

Featuring a bright and bold color scheme, the Badminton Shuttlecock collage is a perfect addition to any sports lover’s collection. The intricate details and careful composition of the artwork make it truly unique and eye-catching. Whether displayed on its own or as part of a larger collection, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter.
Badminton  Shuttlecock |  

What sets ROSI FEIST’s artwork apart is the handmade aspect. Each piece is created by hand, which means that no two collages are exactly alike. The attention to detail and quality of materials used make this artwork truly special.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Badminton Shuttlecock collage but find that it is sold out, you can always send a request to mail@rosifeist.com. The artist may have more available or be able to create a similar piece for you.

In conclusion, this handcrafted Badminton Shuttlecock collage is an original artwork that captures the spirit of the sport in a unique and beautiful way. It is a great addition to any sports lover’s collection and is sure to impress with its intricate details and bright colors. So go ahead and add this unique piece to your art collection today!